HRT- Estrogen and Progestin

dallas Hormone replacement therapy is usually related to increased chances of heart attack, breast cancer, stroke, blood clots in extremities and lungs. So before mentioning the benefits of taking these medications in your menopause let’s look at the risks. If you are planning to undergo this therapy, consult with your doctor first. Mention if you are a smoker or if you had a history of any family illness. Blood pressure problems, cholesterol levels everything must be taken into consideration. So let’s first look at why is this drug so popular for women in menopause.

Why is it prescribed?

The combination of progestin and estrogen is usually prescribed as a treatment for women in menopause. When a woman reaches her 40s, there are certain changes in her body that are happening. Both estrogen and progestin are female hormones as you might already know. Estrogen eases the pain, hot flashes, and dryness in the vaginal area, sweating and swelling. It also prevents bone tissue degeneration or lower regeneration (osteoporosis) in women in menopause. Progestin is added to this therapy to balance the levels of estrogen and decrease the risk of uterine cancer. Yes, higher levels of estrogen are proven to be linked with increased chances of uterus cancer. But women that had their uterus removed have nothing to fear, and can take estrogen alone.

Different Medications

How should you use it?

HRT or hormone replacement therapy comes in the form of pills in a tablet. They are to be taken daily for as long as the menopause lasts. But due to the link of cancer and estrogen levels, women are advised visit their doctors every five to six months. To help your body adjust to medication, take the medication in the same time of the day. And don’t skip a day. The biggest shock to a woman’s body in this time is a sudden stop. And remember to be consistent. Don’t take one pill one day, and two or three the next day. If you are taking one pill each day, continue to do so. Eventually, if the symptoms become too much of a problem, increase the medication. But remember to do this day at a time.

Side effects of estrogen.

Every drug has more or less side effects. The same rule applies to estrogen and progestin. Women have reported that estrogen makes them also, nervous, create a change in sex drive, gets them acne, difficulty wearing contact lenses. There are also headaches, stomach problems, vomiting and cramps and also diarrhea. So naturally women aren’t too glad about using these pills in their menopause. But as long as it relieves other menopausal symptoms they are fine with it as they are much worse than a headache or stomach problems.

Being a woman in menopause can be tough but luckily medicine and science created these medications to make the problem a bit lighter. There are also some other therapies than HRT but to this day this one has proven to be the best.