All you need to know about Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women in their forties and fifties tend to have problems with estrogen levels in their body. This occurs during the menopause. This time of their lives, when they cease to have periods can be difficult. Menopause can cause mood changes, flashes of pain, burning sensations and vaginal dryness. Once the symptoms start women should contact their doctors for prescriptions. Hormone replacement therapy consists of taking prescriptions of estrogen and progesterone pills to increase their estrogen levels. So let’s see the benefits as well as disadvantages of this therapy.


Increasing levels of estrogen

When a woman is in menopause, there are certain changes in their bodies that can occur. Mood changes, hot flashes in the vaginal area, dryness, and sleepless night. All of these mentioned symptoms can confirm that a woman is in menopause. To relieve the pain and help with these symptoms estrogen and progesterone pills are prescribed. They are taken each day for as long as needed. Until the above-mentioned symptoms cease to manifest it is advised to take medication on a daily basis.

The risk of Cancer

While increasing the levels of estrogen in women body can ease the symptoms, it can also increase the risk of breast cancer. This is why every woman should check undergo a regular check up every three to six months when taking these pills. The risks of hormone therapy may also include heart-related problems, blood cloths, and breast cancer. When estrogen pills are prescribed for menopause, they also come with additional medications. This is important because taking estrogen pills alone significantly increases breast cancer risk as mentioned before.

Who should undergo hormone replacement therapy?

Despite the potential health risk, estrogen pills are still the best method for treating menopausal symptoms. The thing is that beneficial part of taking estrogen overpowers the negative side effects if you are healthy. Estrogen pills aren’t only beneficial for menopause. They also improve bone regeneration. If you have any disease related to bone degeneration taking estrogen will regenerate bone fragments. Eventually, after taking the pill for some time, the bone will regenerate.

Estrogen Pills

Who should avoid this therapy?

Women that entered their menopause earlier and those who removed their ovaries have a higher risk of osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, and Parkinsonisms. So talk to your doctor about what medication you should take while in menopause. The prescription might be different if you had a history of heart disease in your family. Make sure you mention every symptom that you noticed before you go and ask for estrogen pills.

So to avoid any necessary risks talk to your doctor about what should be the best approach. Relieving the pain and other symptoms of menopause can be done with hormone replacement therapy. However, the more important matter is your health in the long term. Making a problem disappear only to have bigger problems in the future isn’t the way to go. This way you will only make matters more difficult for you.